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Here is a selection of users' pictures of their S-band Patch Feed with both the G3RUH 60 cm Dish, as well as other dishes.

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    Reinhard Richter DJ1KM. Full system showing 60cm dish and patch feed plus Kuhne MKU-24-TM downconverter. He has painted the system using white acrylic from a spray can. An autumnal backdrop completes this attractive photo.


    Bob McElligott HL2/KK4UZ. Full system showing unpainted 60cm dish and patch feed plus Kuhne MKU-232-A2 pre-amplifier. Bob is a 5th floor 'apartment dweller' with antennas on a balcony looking through a window. Cable is 10 metres of RG-174 for the connection to his Myers/ Conifer 2400 SBDX downconverter, which is then coupled to (i) a Yaesu FT736R for transponder operations, and (ii) a Hamtronics 144/28MHz converter plus IC-735 for telemetry.


    Achim Vollhardt DH2VA. Portable station using locally sourced 60cm f/d=0.4 dish, Patch feed and Kuhne MKU-232-A2 pre-amplifier. A bracket behind the dish supports downconverter, FT290R, battery and tripod. Description and more photos.


    Georges Mathgen LX1BB. An SSB UEK-3000 and Patch feed mounted in a 60 cm dish "produces spectacular results" says Georges of his system, here pictured against an evergreen windbreak.


    Mark Hammond N8MH. Patch Feed with DEM pre-amplifier and AIDC 3733 downconverter are mounted to a 32" dish in yet another forest setting. Shadows hint that his fine system is complemented by a 9 turn Helix for 70cm.


    Renauld Halbardier ON4KVI. SSB UEK-3000 downconverter, Patch Feed and a 90 cm dish.


    Joe Hannigan WL7M. Looking straight up under a 3'x2' surplus Primestar dish. "It has worked great here in Alaska! So far, the snow and weather have not impacted it in any way."


    Kenneth Shutt K5GUU. Side by side, the 60cm dish with patch outperforms a BBQ by about 3 db in signal to noise ratio. Both antennas use a TSI AIDC 3733 downconverter. "A low noise pre-amplifer is the next project" says Ken.


    Jean-Marie Denis ON6XY. Parabolic AB downconverter, Patch feed and deep dish inspired by E.T. make this a very quiet 95cm system. My favourite.


    Wayne Estes W9AE. Wayne built this AO-40 DXpedition antenna kit which fits in a 25x25x7" plywood box. It is available for loan to anyone in North America who is willing to use it to activate a rare entity on AO-40.

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    Last updated: 2020 Jul 05