S-Band Dish Antenna System


This is a complete S-band antenna system comprising a 60 cm spun aluminium dish and patch feed, together with all necessary mounting parts.

To this you need to add the S-band pre-amplifier or converter of your choice and you're ready to receive outstanding S-band signals. [2019] The antenna can also be used for transmit, for example to uplink to the Es'hail-2 (QO-100) geostationary satellite.

Contemporary low noise converters only realise their full potential in conjunction with a low noise antenna, and this system offers just that. Lots of gain; low noise; excellent circularity.

A 60 cm (2 ft) system is remarkably small, and can be fitted to a camera tripod. So you can use it portable, from a condo balcony, indoors through a window, as well as conventionally on a mast.



View of dish and patch feed.

The kit comprises dish, feed support legs, screws and washers, clamps and cable grommet. The 60 cm dish has an f/d ratio of approximately 0.35, and together with the ON6UG/G3RUH patch feed delivers a measured gain of 21 dbic. With the best converters a Sun noise increase of 2.5 db is typical.

The dish is degreased, and drilled for mounting clamps to a boom up to 42 mm (1 5/8") diameter. Dish and feed are unpainted aluminium. Assembly is by six screws for the feed supports, four nuts for the boom clamps, and takes only moments.


  Frequency            2250-2450 MHz
  Gain                 21        dbic
  -3db beamwidth       16°
  -10 db beamwidth     28°
  SWR                  < 1.2:1
  Axial ratio          1.05:1
  Polarisation         RHCP
  Connector            N-male    [Option: N-female]
  Impedance            50        ohm
  Power handling      150        watt (possibly more; let me know!)

  Overall diameter     590       mm   (23")
  Weight               1.4       kg   (3 lb)

Note: As of 2022 Feb 03 this antenna has sold out, and production has ended.

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Last updated: 2022 Feb 03