Technical Articles

by James Miller G3RUH

Since 1983 I've written 100+ technical articles in a number of magazines, notably Wireless World (UK), Ham Radio (USA), but chiefly Oscar News (UK). Many of the latter articles have been duplicated in Amsat-NA Journal (USA), Amsat-DL Journal (Germany), Amsat-VK Newsletter (Australia) and others.

These contributions have almost all been about amateur radio satellites. Since the advent of electronic publishing via the WWW, I have been gradually adding the most appropriate of these articles to the AMSAT archives.

The term AMSAT derives from AMateur SATellite, a generic name for the worldwide collection of organisations that promote construction, practice and funding of amateur radio satellites. Since AMSAT-OSCAR-1 was launched in 1961, some 70 amateur radio satellites have been launched, and over a dozen continue to be operational.

A bibliography of all my pieces is available; those that are on-line are listed below.

Date Title

1985 Dec 30.6 Days hath September
1986 Apr 10 Ways To Ensure Failure on Oscar 10
1986 Apr Phase 5 Satellites
1994 Jul Icom's IC 820H, A Satellite User's Perspective
1989 Jun Planning AO-13 Mode Schedules
1990 Feb Shannon, Coding and the Radio Amateur
1991 Feb 1991, 1992, 1993 ...and all that
1994 Aug Down Memory Lane?
1991 Apr The Shape of Bits to Come
1988 Oct 9600 Baud Packet Radio Modem Design
1994 Apr The Earth Moved
1990 Oct PLAN-13 Satellite Position Calc. Program
1984 Dec Sun's Up! (Parts 1 - 3)
1985 Aug Sensorship - A Question of Attitudes 1 & 2
1994 Oct The Re-Entry of Oscar-13
1992 Oct Mode-S - Tomorrow's Downlink
1993 Apr A 60cm S-Band Dish Antenna
1993 Jun A 16 Turn S-Band Helix
1993 Oct Managing Oscar-13
1993 Feb Measure AO-13 Squint Directly!
1996 Jun From Hardware to Vapourware; AO-13 Plans
1997 Feb Oscar-13's Life and Death
1997 Oct Phase III Ranging System
1998 Jul The Experimental IHU-2 Aboard P3D
2003 Aug Oscar-40 FEC Telemetry
2005 Dec Control Software of Bochum 20m Dish Antenna
2010 Sep Stereo A/B Spacecraft Telemetry Reception at Bochum


Last updated: 2020 Jul 03