James R Miller

Cambridge, England

Since 2020 Jun 14 these pages have been rehomed here.
(Replacing www.jrmiller.demon.co.uk after 23 years!)

Welcome to my webpages; no massive graphics, animated flags, java rubbish, chewing gum, smoking, mobile phones, muzak ...
Enjoy your visit!

An engineer, some 50+ summers in the hot seat, my fun comes from all sorts of things; digital design, mathematics pure and applied, digital signal processing, communications theory and application, digital radio, voice radio, satellite engineering, writing computer software. And best of all I work for myself, so can play with my toys whenever I wish.

I've listed a few things to share. On one of them you can boost my income. On others you can perhaps learn new things.


Amateur Radio Products
Technical Articles


Last updated: 2020 Jul 22